Thank you for purchasing an Astoria Espresso Coffee Machine!

To keep your new Astoria producing the best tasting coffee, please follow the following maintenance procedures.
However, this quick reference guide should not be substituted for a thorough understanding of your Owners Manual.


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1) Remove the grate and plate and check for coffee grounds plugging the basin; pour a pitcher of hot water down the drain. 2) Wash the grates and plate; reassemble; wipe down all surfaces. 3) Soak the milk steamer wand, the portafilters, and the removed filter baskets in clean water overnight.



1) Using the blind filter, backflush each group using an approved espresso machine cleaning detergent, following the manufacturer’s instructions. This will remove built-up sediments from the filter. 3) Remove the filter baskets and soak with the portafilters in a water and cleaning detergent solution overnight. Rinse thoroughly.


Monthly (or as needed, ad indicated by machine use and water type)

1) Regenerate the water softener according to the manufacturer’s instructions.



1) Replace filter baskets, group(s) gaskets, and group shower plates.

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