It is thanks to the sharing of common values ​​that every member of the Astoria team stays on track, working in a single direction. Just like in a coffee machine, where every component works in perfect harmony.


For us growth is a basic prerogative. We believe that being a leader means most of all showing absolute excellence in quality, quantity, and technology. It is our firm belief that the foundation for each design and product is the involvement and growth of our in-house work and continuous cooperation with our customers.


Above all, we strive for excellence in a cup, guaranteeing the “perfect espresso” thanks to the constant yield of our machines. But excellence also means absolute quality in the production process, in design, in customer and supplier relations, in sales, in research and development, in technicians and in after-sales service.


“Innovate for constant growth”: this is the challenge we face every day as we make optimum use of the best technologies for design.


Expand the culture of espresso and coffee throughout the world.


Respect of the environment is also one of the cornerstones of the Astoria philosophy. The Green Line models with low energy consumption and practices to differentiate waste and reuse resources are just some of the practices adopted by Astoria to reduce its environmental impact.

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