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Astoria at Los Angeles Coffee Festival


November 8-10, 2019


Los Angeles, Magic Box at The Reef

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The 2019 Los Angles Coffee Festival is November 8-10. This year’s event will be held at Magic Box at The Reef in Los Angeles, California.

Astoria is the exclusive professional espresso machine sponsor for the Festival’s Latte Art Live! Latte Art
Live is an interactive zone dedicated to the highly popular skill of latte art. This platform will feature
some of the world’s best latte artists demonstrating their skills on Astoria’s state-of-the-art Tempesta!
Tempesta, a perfect blend of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Not just another coffee
machine, but an art studio for baristas.

With the ability to set a different temperature for the boiler and each group as well as define the pre-
infusion time, Tempesta gives baristas unparalleled customization and temperature profiling options.

This best in class temperature stability combined with Astoria’s cool touch wands, super dry steam
system and an expansive work area is the perfect platform for baristas to pour their passion and express
their unique barista attitude into every cup.
This experiential area will enable visitors to take part in hands-on workshops and demonstrations
working on the Tempesta to learn the techniques and skills needed to create beautiful latte art. Latte
Art Live will also feature exciting amateur and professional latte art throwdowns.

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