Water makes up 98% of every cup of coffee; therefore, ensuring that your machine has the right anti-scale protection is a must to guarantee constant quality, perfect taste and optimal cream and texture.

Water and coffee
Espresso preparation is influenced by chlorine, anomalous smells - in particular, sulfur compounds, with direct adverse impact on the perception of the floral and fresh fruit coffee aromas - and water hardness (calcium and magnesium salts). Although calcium is essential to obtain body and an elastic and stable cream, high water hardness generally plays in favor of coffee quality, though it may also adversely impact the machine efficiency.

BWT filters
In order to guarantee a perfect sensorial profile, Astoria has developed innovative methods consisting of filters that combine anti-scale protection with the removal of unwanted substances in order not to compromise the sensorial quality of coffee and the metal parts of the machine. Thanks to the BWT water+more filtration system, Astoria machines allow obtaining coffee with excellent and healthier flavor. The BWT multifunctional filtration system protects the vital parts of the coffee machine, ensures greater steam production even at low temperatures, and uses cartridges that, once exhausted, are 100% recyclable, in line with Astoria’s green vision.

Bestmax SMART BWT filters
Developed to enable the preparation of quality tea and coffee, the bestmax SMART filtration system guarantees high sensory water quality. Thanks to the high level of filtration provided by the IEX booster, the compact Bestmax SMART filtration system ensures efficiency and durability. In addition to protecting against limescale buildup, it balances minerals in the water using the latest bypass technology. The Bestmax SMART filtration system consists of a filter cartridge with a screw-in besthead water connection. The bypass on the filter head can be set from 0-3 depending on water hardness and installation requirements. A non-return valve on the inlet side stops water re-entering the system and prevents leakage. The Bestmax SMART filtration system for the food service sector is safe, pressure-resistant, and can be used with any kind of drinking water.