Every coffee machine of excellence is accompanied by a range of accessory tools of the same high quality level. The grinder-dosers meet the different grinding requirements of any barista, making this operation as easy and precise as possible. Water filters play an essential role to give espresso its taste, enhancing water as the base of very coffee cup.


Our filters combine anti-scale protection with the removal of unwanted substances in order not to compromise the sensorial quality of the coffee and the metal parts of the machine. Water makes up 98% of every cup of coffee, therefore ensuring that your machine has the right anti-scale protection is a guarantee of constant quality, perfect taste and optimal cream and body.

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Coffee Grinders

The grinding is one of the famous "5 M" that set the parameters to make a really perfect espresso. Astoria's grinder-dosers guarantee precision and millimetric care in this delicate phase of coffee processing, ensuring that the powder is exactly the same as every barista wants.

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