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World of Coffee 2017: Plus4Champions in Budapest for the World Championships!

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Old buildings decorated with colorful graffiti, gipsy chic Kocsma Roma, cafés with urban retro flair where to enjoy a steaming coffee, and smiling people walking on the streets. This is the Budapest that from 13 to 15 June will host the 2017 Edition of the World of Coffee (WOC), one of the most inspiring and innovative world events for the specialty coffee industry.

For this edition too, Astoria is the official sponsor of the World Latte Art Championship (WLAC) and the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (WICGS), organised by World Coffee Events, thus continuing on a journey of passion for specialty coffee that started almost two decades ago.
“Streets of Budapest”, a tribute to the Hungarian capital, with all its colors, its modernity and its desire to be reborn culturally, will be the underlying theme both for the Astoria stand (J16-J18, Pavillion F) and the Plus4Champions machines in the various venues where competitions will be held. The logo of the project, designed by the creative spirit of known designer and artist Cento Canesio, finds inspiration in the typical style of Hungarian urban art, reinterpreted in a new key that is meant to bring coffee to mind.

Astoria machines will participate in this edition of the event just as they did in the previous two, during which bartenders of the caliber of Um Paul (WLAC) and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos (WCIGS) won the Shanghai edition in 2016, and Caleb Cha (WLAC) and George Koustoumpardis (WCIGS) in Gothenburg, in 2015.

To challenge each other and be awarded the much sought-after world title, competitors will use Plus4Champions machines, whose colorful graphics embody the city of Budapest. Plus4Champions is a machine specially designed to perform in high-level world competitions, like the upcoming Budapest championships are. Stability in the delivery and the quality of the espresso extraction make these machines the best according to World Coffee Events, which has certified them for three years; in addition, special finishes and ergonomic details are designed specifically to facilitate use for competitors.

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