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Tirreno CT 2018: Astoria aims to strengthen the awareness of the brand in Central Italy

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Astoria returns to Tirreno CT, the reference fair for the hospitality and catering sector for the broad Central Italian region, to be held in Massa Carrara from 25 to 28 February, 2018, to consolidate Astoria’s presence in strategic regions, like Tuscany and Liguria.

“Despite fierce competition, Astoria has grown a lot both in Tuscany and Liguria in the last two years”, says Sales Manager Giovanni Destefanis. “We focused a lot on this goal and today we can boast the organized and widespread presence of one or more service centers and dealers in all Italian provinces”.

The Astoria stand on display at Tirreno CT (PAV. D – STAND 802) will offer visitors the opportunity to admire a wide range of espresso coffee machines, all being capable of addressing the market’s discrete needs.

, in the 2-group version with display, will capture the attention with its simple and modern lines in pure metal and the innovative backlit keyboard Sensitive Touch Buttons (STB). This model is an integral part of Astoria’s Green Line, thanks to its ability to reduce consumption up to 47.6% compared to traditional machines, and to control and regulate the temperature smartly, supplying power only where and when needed.

There will also be the super automatic Drive6000 ASR, whose versatility allows you selecting up to 16 different drinks directly from the menu, and frothing milk automatically. Indeed, this machine is fitted with two 1kg hoppers each for the preparation of different types of coffee and coffee or milk based drinks; the ASR version features a third hopper for soluble powders, such as chocolate.

For baristas who are looking for a machine that enhances their talent, we offer the new two-group Storm, in matt black and chrome. Among the machine’s main innovative technical features, we point out brewing customization through the electronic storage of extraction curves, pre-infusion, speed and temperature control, and, above all, the innovative “cool touch” Barista Attitude steam wand, which offers to every barista remarkable movement fluidity, and the dry steam, which facilitates milk setting through minimization of the initial condensation and absence of microparticles of water during steam supply.

Finally, among the Astoria machines on display we also cite the 3-group Sabrina, with its strong aesthetic personality inspired by the vintage style of the 1960s, and 2-group Tanya, the ideal solution for those seeking the essence of quality and the best combination of simplicity and reliability.

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