Traditional machines


The Astoria home espresso machine.
Professional quality and components. Complete adaptability and minimal maintenance.

Technology that incorporates variable and hassle-free use and opportunities for experimentation.


The future of espresso.
New technologies and concepts for the virtuous evolution of the coffee culture. A range resulting from an extensive knowledge of the sector and Astoria's profound sense of environmental and social responsibility.


The highest sense of the traditional Made-in-Italy espresso machine.
All the know-how of Astoria and its ability to develop its own designs and technologies in a range with an elegant and adaptable character. Machines that characterise places where good coffee is made.


The Astoria starter product. Half a century of constant evolution in the technologies applied to the traditional espresso machine. Historic reliability that puts a professional result in the cup in any situation.

As always, a clean and timeless design that distinguishes Astoria.

Traditional machines

The whole Italian espresso tradition in models with a technological heart. Astoria’s traditional range of coffee machines guarantees reliability and service quality to all types of users. From the most expert Barista, finding amusement in playing with the coffee, to the one instead who needs a speedy and efficient machine for dealing with large volumes. Or yet again, to the one that wants to guarantee maximum quality to even those few who have always been faithful customers. A different machine for each of these, but always Astoria.