Coffee machines

Astoria Core 200

An espresso cup is just the last step of a very long journey. From plant to flower, to bean and the hand that harvests it. From washed or dried grains to light or darker roasting. To the millimeter precision in the grinding, up to extraction. This is where an entire world comes into play, combining attention to artisanal details with industrial technology. Indeed, Astoria coffee machines start from the passion for espresso to make each cup simply a product of excellence.

Traditional machines

The whole Italian espresso tradition in models with a technological heart. Astoria’s traditional range of coffee machines guarantees reliability and service quality to all types of users. From the most expert Barista, finding amusement in playing with the coffee, to the one instead who needs a speedy and efficient machine for dealing with large volumes. Or yet again, to the one that wants to guarantee maximum quality to even those few who have always been faithful customers. A different machine for each of these, but always Astoria.  

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