It is thanks to the sharing of common values ​​that every member of the Astoria team stays on track, working in a single direction. Just like in a coffee machine, where every component works in perfect harmony.

History and tradition

How many boilers, exchangers and coffee beans have been held in our hands in almost fifty years. And it is with the same passion, energy and desire to do held by a a small group of people in 1969 that today we continue facing all the challenges posed everyday by the constantly growing coffee market.


“Great innovations take place when people are not afraid to do something different.” From the first coffee machine introduced in the market to the present, technological improvement has been truly astounding. Indeed, Astoria is buttressed by a cutting-edge Research and Development Department, which works every day with passion and method, putting baristas’ needs at the core.

Made in Italy

Astoria was born and grew up in the hills of Susegana, a small town in the province of Treviso. It is part of a network of partners that, for the most part, are available at 0 Km. The production of most of the models takes place right here, in the CMA plant, which in 2007 was upgraded in terms of space and production capacity.

International dimension

The journey of an Astoria coffee machine can be the shortest or the longest. Indeed, starting from Veneto, machines can reach thousands of people in over 150 countries in the world, who choose Astoria for its reliability, design and attention to detail.


Respect of the environment is also one of the cornerstones of the Astoria philosophy. The Green Line models with low energy consumption and practices to differentiate waste and reuse resources are just some of the practices adopted by Astoria to reduce its environmental impact.

Coffee culture

People who experience coffee work with a different desire in their eyes. Knowing the path that a coffee bean takes from when it matures to when it becomes a drink with a thousand aromas is essential for Astoria’s staff and customers. In this context, the partnership with the Italian National Espresso Institute and the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo plays a fundamental role for training staff and educating customers.

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