The beginning of a multiannual collaboration: Sibilla, designed by Adriano Design

It was in 1999, at Host Milano, that Astoria introduced Sibilla: a unique and revolutionary product that was to mark a milestone for the Company and for the whole coffee machine market. And it is precisely Sibilla that gave rise to the partnership between Astoria and Adriano Design, an award-winning studio in Turin, well established in the context of international design. Sibilla was the result of research done in 1998 by Adriano Design on coffee machines, on their architecture, design and above all on their semantic meaning upon which, at one time, the coffee bar’s centrality was focused. During the Eighties, a period devoid of quality design, coffee machines assumed an anonymous, marginal and merely functional role in the coffee bar’s architecture. Sibilla thus marks a veritable frontier, a break-away between the old school of “monoblock” machines of the Eighties and a new generation of light, counter-top machines that help in creating a new type of relationship between barista and customer. With Sibilla, back in the days when this path was yet uncharted, Astoria was the first to adopt the concept of a machine that, in the years to come, would become the architectural base for a new philosophy of machines destined for specialty coffee.

A new focal point for coffee machines: the birth of Storm

For Astoria, Adriano Design has now re-interpreted a new machine destined for the Specialty world which, just as with Sibilla, reshuffles the cards and re-writes a piece of espresso coffee machine history. Storm is not only a machine but an object with strong semantic and expressive values, a vivid presence wherever the rite of coffee preparation might be taking place, a presence that effortlessly conquers the limelight, a stage for savoring espresso coffee. An object that completes the coffee bar’s design with its strong personality, first and foremost a luxury feature, before being a highly technological piece of equipment. The intention was to create a machine with a light structure, compact and sinuous, with attention paid to each single aesthetic detail, using only quality materials such as steel, aluminum and solid wood.


2019 German Design Award

Astoria Storm, the “Barista Attitude” coffee machine designed to satisfy the desire for experimenting with and enhancing all types of coffee, also proved convincing to the German Design Council, that awarded it the prestigious 2019 German Design Award, one of the most coveted and accredited prizes in the industrial design sector at world level. For more than 60 years, this association has annually rewarded designs showing originality and impressive innovative content in the contemporary design environment, with ideas that could become representative and iconic models.


Intuitiveness and ease of use: HYbrid belongs to a new category of coffee machines

The Adriano brothers have also designed HYbrid, a revolutionary machine, the first robotic model for an incomparable espresso coffee. A technological masterpiece with unique solutions such as the filter holder’s sliding insertion and the automatic pressing that marked a new typology in espresso coffee machines. As far as the cognitive and anthropometric profile is concerned, ergonomics have been studied in every detail, keeping in mind all the gestures of the barista, who should always be able to find the controls in the most natural and speedy position in order to attain an optimal working performance. Many other Astoria machines are the fruit of their innovative work, in the quest for the right combination between top performance, technology, uncompromising elegance and a passion for Italian craftsmanship. The Astoria Technical Office concertedly supports and assists their work, making the best engineers available as well as the heritage of know-how preserved by the Company, whose large Research Centre is always busy experimenting with and discovering new and better methods for coffee extraction and milk preparation.

HYbrid: Special Mention by the German Design Council

In 2015 HYbrid had already been awarded an important prize in international design scene, and was a finalist in the First International “Compasso d’Oro”. To these awards is added a Special Mention conferred by the German Design Council in relation to the prestigious 2019 German Design Award. www.hybridastoria.com


The Adriano Design studio

Born in 1997, has collaborated with important national and international concerns such as Giorgetti, Scavolini, Olivetti, FIAT Research Centre, Merlo, Foppapedretti, Bemis and Elite. Lecturers at the Politecnico di Torino and Guest Professors at prestigious national and international Universities, currently engaged at academic level with the strategic guidance of the Product Design department of the Applied Art and Design Institute (IAAD). They have received numerous recognitions among which the ADI “Compasso d’Oro”, the IF Product Design Award, the Good Design Award, the Design Plus, the Osaka International Design Competition, and the Koizumi. Their designing style is transversal and encompasses all types of products, innovating them; from the Multifarmer agricultural tractor to the multi-award winning “Rotola” wheel, through to the “re-invention” of table football with Teckell. “Design everything and always accept a challenge: there is nothing that cannot be designed in a different and better way”, this is their designing philosophy, earning them exposure in the most prestigious world museums, among which Milan’s La Triennale Design Museum and Chicago’s Atheneaum. This is how Davide and Gabriele describe themselves, ready and able to violate standards and reshuffle the cards, pointing towards continual evolution.


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