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Astoria Storm wins the German Design Award 2019!


November 10-14, 2018


Messezentrum Salzburg


Hall 9 - Stand 0303

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After the success enjoyed at TriestEspresso, more good news for Astoria Storm: the revolutionary machine that is winning over the Specialty Coffee world and more has won the German Design Award 2019, one of the most prestigious and accredited awards on a global level in the industrial design sector.

Astoria Storm, German Design Award Winner 2019

This important recognition was attributed by the German Design Council, the more than 60 year-old German association that annually awards the most original contemporary design projects with high innovative content, capable of becoming representative and iconic models.


The popular design of Astoria Storm is the result of a collaboration established several years ago between Astoria and Adriano Design, a Turin-based studio honored by the most prestigious national and international awards, including the Compasso d’Oro. They are considered as one of the most innovative Italian studios, with a multidisciplinary approach to design, able to always change the rules and create products that become icons.


The German Design is an important recognition to the accurate design research that led to Astoria Storm. This model belongs already to the tradition of the steam powered coffee machines, true and admired divas of the cafés of the beginning of the twentieth century, rediscovering the smooth theatrics of the gestures of coffee preparation, a ceremony that makes coffee a full sensory experience. The movements of the barista become an everyday show, while the hidden technology gives a total control for an unparalleled quality in the cup.


Astoria Storm is also a machine that thrills with its elegant style, enhanced by precious materials such as wood, used both on the knobs and on the base, but also by stainless steel and aluminum, in order to make it an indestructible ally.


Honorable Mention, on the other hand, went to HYbrid, already winner in 2015 of an important international design award and finalist in the first International Compasso d’Oro. In fact, year after year, HYbrid continues to confirm its status as a unique machine of its kind, combining the quality of a traditional maker and the ease of use typical of a super-automatic, simplifying what could only be done by the expert hands of a professional barista.


The upcoming Alles fuer den Gast 2018 will be a chance to once again discover all the potential and characteristics of Storm and HYbrid in depth. Come see Astoria from 10 through 14 November 2018 in Hall 9 – Stand 0303.

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