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“A film by Astoria”: an ode to film icons

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"A film by Astoria": an ode to film icons

Posters in ’70s style inspired by films that have made history.

Posters in ’70s style inspired by films that have made history.

Astoria is launching its “A Film by Astoria” campaign that is inextricably linked to the Hollywood espresso coffee machine. Six posters inspired by six iconic films that evoke the culture, colours and mood of the 1970s through flowing illustrations and lettering in which brown, orange and red intertwine to portray the soul of Hollywood—a creation that is compact but with a sophisticated and explosive style capable of leaving a unique mark on any setting.

And so we see the three Charlie’s Angels emerging from a coffee machine; James Bond sipping his espresso; the unmistakable profile of John Travolta as Danny Zuko adjusting his greaser hairdo in a steaming cup of coffee; a drop of coffee falling into the vortex of a classic Hitchcock film; and Superfly in his brightly-coloured shirt enjoying his coffee.
The illustrations are the creation of Simone Caputo, a Milan tattoo artist and illustrator who, over the years, has worked with numerous Italian and international brands.

His retro illustrations have their roots in Italian poster art, inspired by such masters as Leonetto Cappiello, Depero and Armando Testa.

The six posters are authentic collectors’ items which, like an espresso coffee machine, can make the mood of a day and lend a real touch of pop art in a locale or at home.

“The world of coffee can be evoked in many different ambiances because it is part of our culture and marks the various epochs. What unites film and espresso is their extraordinary ability to adapt to daily life. With this campaign, our intent is to give form to the intuitions we had designing Hollywood and the shock appeal of pulp mysteries that inspired the style.” commented Riccardo Ferraris, Astoria’s Brand Manager.

The Hollywood product line
Available in five bright colours, this machine has a vertical-striped panel on the back illuminated with sparkling LEDs that contribute to creating a glamorous and captivating visual experience. The shot timer for each group has been further improved and the diameter of the steam wands is wider for enhanced delivery. The flip-up rack allows for use of both espresso cups and milk-based beverage cups.

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