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2018 Milan Coffee Festival: Astoria in the limelight at the “Latte Art Live” and “Coffee Mixology” shows

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From November 30 to December 2 Astoria will be a key player at the Milan Coffee Festival scheduled to take place at Spazio Pelota in the Lombardy capital.

Arnon Thitiprasert, Astoria Brand Ambassador

Besides having its own stand M26-M34 where visitors will be able to attend a show and master-class of Latte Art and Coffee Sensory, masterfully orchestrated by Astoria’s Brand Ambassadors Arnon Thitiprasert and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, respectively World Champions of 2017 Latte Art and 2016 Coffee in Good Spirits, Susegana Enterprise will be the official sponsor for Latte Art Live, an experiential area dedicated to Latte Art with experts of international fame holding demonstrations, workshops and competitions.


The machine selected to support the Latte Art champions in their spectacular exhibitions is in fact Astoria’s Storm, the perfect partner for creating incredible designs, expressing one’s creativity to unbelievable heights, thanks to the innovative Super Dry technology with its dry steam dispensing, and the “cool touch” Barista Attitude wand.


Storm allows magic to be made with milk! Without its dry steam and totally flexible movement, I would have never been able to outline the detailed strokes of the “Jumping rabbit on a tree”, the “Deer looking back” and the “Walking fox” that helped me win the world championship confirms Arnon Thitiprasert, who will also be performing on the Latte Art Live stage.


For enthusiasts of coffee-based cocktails instead, on Friday November 30, between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., Astoria’s Brand Ambassador Michalis Dimitrakopoulos will be introducing a new cocktail specially created for the event, demonstrating how to attain a perfect balance between the coffee base and the other skillfully and creatively selected ingredients.


And finally, visitors at the Astoria stand will be able to sample various specialty coffees from Torrefazione Lady Cafè, a craft coffee roasting concern located in an old farmhouse in the Parma countryside, that uses Arabica beans, grown and washed within a single known origin, that could come from Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, Haiti, and not only.


See you in Milan, where you will be tasting some exceptional coffees!

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